Water Wise – Money Wise

water-image_4With a bright start to 2017, what with the last few days of heavy rain in Johannesburg, it’s easy to forget that we have had such a long spell of drought and water restrictions. Many of us will be thinking, “the rain has come, the drought must be over.” An important thing to remember is that our dams and reservoirs are still “low” compared to the average water uses of our cities.

We’d like to offer some tips to start 2017 with a “water-wise” outlook with some tips for saving water when it comes to irrigating your garden and landscapes.

  • Boreholes

First thing to do when considering a borehole is to get a reputable diviner in to your site to check for ground water. These individuals are very skilled and the process will look like magic. They walk around with 2 copper rods in their hands and where the rods cross is where the ground water is. It is quite amazing. From there you have to get the drillers in to sink your hole. Initially, the financial outlay makes this method one of the most expensive methods of accessing water sources however the return on investment will see that the borehole pays for itself within 2-3 years of the initial outlay and thereafter, you will reap the rewards of saving on lower monthly municipal water bills, if any at all. At HyGrow Group, we specialise in connecting boreholes to your existing or new irrigation systems. We can also assist in converting borehole water so that it can be used as drinking water.

  • Rain Harvesting

As the name suggests this is the collection of rain water. Obviously it depends on your requirements but we recently installed a system with enough water holding capacity to store rain water for 4 months. The tanks are full after this weekend’s rain! The main considerations with these systems are:

  1. Roof surface or catchment surface area

As a rule of thumb, 1 square metre of catchment surface area will deliver 1 litre of water for every 1 millimetre of rain.

  1. Holding capacity

These systems require tanks to hold your collected rain water. Water storage tanks range in sizes from 800 litres to 10 000 litres.

HyGrow Group can install brand new rain harvesting systems that will meet your budget and specific needs. These systems are usually connected to your irrigation system; however we can install rain harvesting systems on their own so that you can use a standard garden hose for your irrigation needs.

  • Grey water systems

Be very careful with these systems. They are a great way to recycle water but must be done correctly. If these are not installed correctly, you can land up making your soil hydrophobic and can land up doing more harm than good.  Generally, grey water is where we divert the water from your pipes from baths and showers in your home into holding tanks, which in turn can be used for irrigating a garden. A filtration system should be installed to filter any fats and oils from the water to prevent your soil from becoming hydrophobic.  On average a family of 4 uses between 300 and 500 litres of water per day just in baths and showers. HyGrow Group offers qualified irrigation installers with a sound knowledge of filtration that will ensure your grey water system works for you.

  • Automatic Irrigation System

A professionally installed irrigation system is by far the most efficient way to water a given area. Flood or drip systems can be controlled, audited and programmed so that each plant in any area only receives as much as it needs or as is optimal for its specific growth. These systems can be linked to smart weather stations that will automatically adjust the water times per irrigation zone based on geographic location, wind speed, wet and dry bulb temperatures, humidity and elevation. The sheer efficiencies of these systems ensure that not a drop of water is ever used unnecessarily. HyGrow Group is one of very few irrigation specialist teams that boast a certified advanced irrigation system installer, to ensure that you get the best quality and efficient system that suits your needs and budget.

At HyGrow Group we have a team of skilled and qualified individuals that can deliver unique and tailored solutions for all of the above, based on your specific requirements. Contact us to find out how to improve or employ the most efficient system for your needs.

We’d love to hear if you have any other water saving tips to share, feel free to get in touch at info@hygrow.co.za or on our various social platforms.


2 thoughts on “Water Wise – Money Wise

  1. I’ve had recently – towards the end of 2016 – an excellent experience with Hygrow, while installing a brand new Irrigation System around my 1000 SQM property. Garth Wantenaar of Hygrow promised me to have it installed in only two days and in the third day the whole system worked perfectly. This is what I call to deliver results as promised, and this can’t happen without a high level of professionalism and a great dedication for their work. I’m very grateful to Hygrow’s Management and Team for a job well done!


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