HyGrow Group Services


  • New System Installations for Commercial, Agricultural and Residential areas (Automatic or Manual for Flood or Drip Systems)
  • Rain Harvesting
    • The most Eco-friendly and cost saving systems have rain harvesting catchment tanks or water sources feeding irrigation systems.
  • Municipal water back-ups
    • These systems link into your existing municipal system. They store and rotate water so your home or office are never without water, even if the rest of the neighbourhood is.
  • Borehole Drilling and Set Ups (Drinking and Irrigation)
  • Grey Water System Set Ups
    • Reuse and recycle water from baths and showers in your house to use on your garden and irrigation. Our systems are made to your exact requirements and come with a unique filtration system, dependent on your needs, that ensures contaminants are removed from the water.
  • Irrigation System Audits
    • We check and calculate water usage based on vegetation and location to ensure your system has an optimal output and overall efficiency. This will prove savings on water consumption, energy costs and ensures optimal watering for vegetation.
  • Repairs and Upgrades to existing irrigation systems
  • Pumps (Commercial, Agricultural, Residential)


  • Construction of pools, ponds and dams
    • Depending on requirements these water bodies can be used in conjunction with an irrigation system too.
  • Water features (ready made or custom water features for your living space)
  • Water Saving Hydroponic systems


  • Borehole filters for drinking water
    • We thoroughly test water from your borehole for everything and anything harmful, E.coli, heavy metals, acidity and numerous others. We can then offer unique water treatment solutions to ensure the water you are drinking is pure and healthy.
  • Ponds
    • Whether you have South Africa’s prize Koi or you just have a pond for tranquility, we’ll ensure your filtration is the best and most cost effective for your requirements.
  • Bio-pools
    • These pools are magnificent. We use natural means i.e plants to filter and natural filter medias to keep your water crystal clear. We can also use mechanical means if required.
  • Natural Filtration Systems
    • We use natural means i.e plants and settling pools to clear your water.
  • Mechanical Filtration Systems
    • Sand filters, UV lights and pressure canister filters are just some of the systems we have installed to keep our client’s water clean, clear and healthy to drink.
  • Conventional Swimming pools
    • Sand filters or salt water purifiers are the most common. We also offer water treatment solutions for your pool water so it is kind to you and your guests’ skin.
  • Dams